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Ancwe (Ancillary World English), known variously as Common English, Broadcast English, Global English, English as lingua franca/koine, English as International Language, etc.. Ancwe probably draws on more languages for its vocabulary than does any other. Ancillary refers to its role in assisting governments in administration and in facilitating international communication. World refers to its world-wide distribution. It is changing as rapidly as at any time in its history, at least since the 12th century, when Germanic English hybridized with Norman French and was standardized as Chancery English. This topic is to consider how Ancwe might be developing. You are invited to express your thoughts on this subject and what it is likely to mean for the future.

The Ancwe program supports the use of native place names, such as Mumbai rather than Bombay, Kolkata rather than Calcutta, Tadmur rather than Palmyra, Da!ish (where '!' represents the glottal stop); rather than IS (Islamic State), ISIS, ISIL, etc..

Ancwesphere = the English speaking world.

Ancwe - Ancillary World English. Express your thoughts on how it is developing. For instance, should its spelling be modernized? Has the apostrophe had its day? Edit

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